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History of Growth

1924 Jan. Kishida Shoten was founded by Ryunosuke Kishida, in Bungomati, Osaka, Japan.
1938 Apr. Kyusyu Sales Office was opened.
1939 Dec. Osaka Factory was constructed in Kadoma-shi, Osaka.
1941 Jun. Kishida Shoten changed its name to Kishida Chemical Medicine Co., Ltd.
1952 May. Corporate name was changed to Kishida Chemical Co.,Ltd.
1959 Oct. Tokyo Sales Office was opened.
1987 Jul. Tokyo Branch Office was opened (expanded from sales office to branch office).
Aug. Operation of Sanda Works inaugurated to expand production capacity.
1989 Aug. Tsukuba Sales Office was opened.
1992 Jun. Osaka factory was closed.
Tokushima Factory was constructed as Battery research production.
1996 Mar. Numazu Sales Office was opened.
Tokuyama Sales Office was opened.
1999 Sep. Tokushima Factory was ISO 9002 certified.
2001 Nov. Sanda Works was ISO 14001certified.
2002 Sep. Tokushima Factory was ISO 9001certified.
2003 Sep. Tokuyama Sales Office changed its name to Sanyo Sales Office.
2005 Sep. Kyusyu Sales Office changed its name to Nishinihon Sales Office.
2006 Nov. Tsukuba Works was constructed as "Drug Discovery Support System".
2010 Apr. Succeeded to a chemical library business than SPI.